Monday, August 08, 2005

Cooking Traditionally

Makin it Traditionally, originally uploaded by !efatima.

This women is wearing "sheilah" on her head to cover her hair. On her face she wearing "Burga" which is originally women used to protect their mouth against the sand when they used to live in tents in the desert. It has became a tradition and many women still wear them especially the older generation .

The woman is frying a traditional sweet called " gaimat " which is later covered with sugar syrup or honey.

This was the humble beginning the Emirates had... women were homemakers but now the women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have come a long way.

Me and Ziko are looking forward to givng Babasteve a full day of traditional/cultural tour the next time he visits Dubai and oh! a camel ride to striatic too ;).

heck! we will be more than happy to be guides for any flickr member who would love to visit Dubai :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother, whose family is from Spain, used to make a dumpling that was filled with sweet potato and cinnamon and deep fried. These would then be drenched in honey.

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