Monday, August 08, 2005

Folk Dance

Folk Dance, originally uploaded by !efatima.

The Emirates possesses a rich history of both bedu and townspeople. The most authentic and popular cultural expression for both has always been the traditional dances which were a special feature of festivals, national holidays, weddings and even casual gatherings of friends. This unique art form weaves together dance and poetry and is a celebration of the national spirit.

The dance is organised with formations of men facing each other, who take turns reciting stirring poetry while brandishing swords. Pacing the dance and the songs are traditional drums and tambourines. The formation of participants can also include a separate section of women who in their turn recite and dance to praise the victory.

The variety of traditional dances in the United Arab Emirates demonstrates that the country possesses a great richness of heritage. The rapid modernization of the nation does indeed threaten its traditions, but anyone who has witnessed the spontaneous and spirited traditional dances at local gatherings will know that the unique cultural heritage of the Emirates will be preserved by its proud custodians.


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